Observations of The Urban Spaceman

Snuffles and truffles found wallowing in the mud noble little pig Since last year roughly corresponded to the Year of the Pig, I decided to write an ode to the pig...

Plucked from their patches hollowed, cut, and brought to life wickedly they scheme.

Strong and stronger as the evenings grow shorter the shadows, longer.

Yellow, red and gold, mulchy, slippery and cold, fiery ice on tarmac.

Silent, midnight silk, starlight eyes in winter sky. I'm being followed.

Inferno rages power to destroy, contained within every candle

Weathered stone markers Guide the way to Grandma’s house Silent paws follow   Today’s haiku is written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to download the photo from Sue’s...

Neither hot nor cold the most delicious bowl holds Baby Bear’s porridge Written for today’s WordPress daily prompt, Center.

As I missed yesterday's daily WordPress prompt, I'm going to incorporate it into today's post, so you get two haiku instead of one!

  The cornfields listen Their growing, ripening ears Deafened to feed us Today’s daily WordPress prompt is Yellow.