Observations of The Urban Spaceman


Snuffles and truffles found wallowing in the mud noble little pig Since last year roughly corresponded to the Year of the Pig, I decided to write an ode to the pig (albeit in the form of a haiku) for my 12 Months of Writing challenge. The pig is a very under-appreciated animal. Not many know this, but pigs are the actual masterminds behind the fakenews campaign that dolphins are our secret overlords…. Read More

I just realised I missed saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to readers at the start of the new Gregorian Calendar. Which is just as well, since I hate New Year. It’s a stupid holiday full of people paying too much for booze and taxis, clogging my phone-waves up with their silly H4PPY neW Yr text messages which they insist on sending to EVERYBODY they know, and a time of “resolutions” which only last… Read More