Observations of The Urban Spaceman


Pussycat lay draped over the side of the rowboat, her paw trailing listlessly in the water. Every few minutes a fish would swim up to examine the ripples, only to dart back to the safety of the depths when Pussycat took a swipe.

The darkness swells around you It fills your heart and mind Beneath your skin, you burn with fever Stung by words unkind You try to rise above it all To take the higher ground But insults drag you back below Where silence stifles sound They talk in whispers behind your back Cruelly rumours spread Ignoring them just doesn’t work They breed inside your head The bully’s power comes from meanness The need to cause a… Read More

If I could have a superpower
A power of any kind
Without a doubt, I think I’d pick
The power to read your mind

Neither hot nor cold the most delicious bowl holds Baby Bear’s porridge Written for today’s WordPress daily prompt, Center.

  The gentle beating of her heart is a balm to my soul’s aches. I burn inside when we’re apart, a thirst that’s never slaked. She shies so softly from my smiles, her brown eyes dance away. She’s had her freedom for a while, but now it’s time to play. A response to Jade Wong’s poem, A Heart. Check it out!

Blue eyes  scan my face as I open the door Familiarity fills them, She’s seen me before At her chair by the window, I sit by her side Leaning forward in whisper, She starts to confide “Do I know you?” she asks, and my heart races on “Yes, Mom, it’s me—” “I remember, my son.” I give her the flowers that I bring every week, Her favourite, I tell her The lilies… Read More

  The cornfields listen Their growing, ripening ears Deafened to feed us Today’s daily WordPress prompt is Yellow.

  He plucked a flower from the meadow and wound it through my hair. He made a crown for me, his queen, each flower woven there. When he left, he took my crown; he told me, “Luck it brings,” My heart lives in that meadow still, now this queen has lost her king. . Today’s daily WordPress prompt is Simple. And thanks to Jade M. Wong, I’m feeling a little romantic. But… Read More

    The fire raged hotter; its flames, they grew Consuming plant life old and new The birds all flew, and beasts—they ran a deadly race since time began No water tamed the searing flames Reduced were forests, to bare plains Such mighty giants brought to their knees Above the slumbering redwood seeds. .   My take on today’s daily WordPress blog prompt: Devastation Picture is © Olearys under CC by 2.0

Her painted face lies No movement to betray thought The ground accepts her