Work In Progress. A fast and easy way of saying, “That stuff I’m currently working on, and have been working on since the beginning of time, and may continue to work on until I’m old and grey.”

I spend so much time writing flash fiction,  drabbles and poems, that sometimes I forget I’m also supposed to be chipping away at the longer works. The ones which, one day, I might have to butcher some trees for. The ones which will (hopefully) have amazing, eye-catching front covers with my name emblazoned across the front.

This page exists to not only prove that I do indeed have my fingers in delicious novel-length pies, but also to remind myself to keep chipping away. And I hope that every once in a while, somebody will ask me, “Hey, how’s that WIP going?” Then I can cry tears of bitter sadness into my glass of single malt because I’ve let myself get distracted by some fun writing prompt again.

So, here’s a brief overview of what I’m working on at the moment! These are all working titles, so they’re allowed to be lame.



Genre(s): Contemporary Fantasy

Blurb: To Teyin Airkin it’s just a simple search and retrieve mission: Cross through the Barrier that separates the mortal world from the fairy realm of Annwn and bring back whatever fae creature managed to find its way to the Earth before it can drive the humans insane.

Elizabeth Colley has lived in the shadow of her great grandpa’s crazy fairy stories all her life, and has come to believe as all of her family do: that they’re merely the rantings of a madman. But when a stranger turns up and slays a monstrous beast in her living room, she’s forced to accept that perhaps there was something to Great Grandpa’s stories after all.

Why?: Because fairies are awesome, awesome, I tell you! And I want to portray everything, from shades of sparkling Tinkerbells to beasts borne of our worst nightmares. Literally. I’m thinking Terry Pratchett’s elves meet Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch… with a modern-day twist and a healthy dose of dry humour.



Genre(s): Young Adult

Blurb: Tab has it pretty good. Comfortable bed, fresh fish three times a week, and a human who knows how to scratch his ears in just the right places. But his idyllic lifestyle is threatened when the British Government passes the Dangerous Wild Animals Act—and Tab finds himself acting as reluctant guide to a motley group of wolves and wildcats in need of a safe place to live out their lives.

Together with streetwise town-cats Kali and Colossus, Tab embarks on a journey that will take him from the south of England to the hauntingly empty north of Scotland. Danger stalks their every step. Perils come not only in the form of humans and their fear of what they can’t control, but from the very creatures they’re trying to save.

Why?: Because cats are awesome, and so are coming-of-age stories. I’m a huge fan of Robert Westall and his magnificent cat books, and also of Richard Adams’ anthropomorphised bunnies in Watership Down. Cats. Wolves. 1976. Epic journey. Hope to have some fun along the way!

Shadow’s Light


Genre(s): Sci-fi/Romance

Blurb: Former U.S. Army Major Alexander Cole has had a pretty shit time recently. The day before alien ships began orbiting Earth, his boyfriend of six years walked out the door, leaving Alex with a house full of memories and a broken heart. For most people, life lurches on in the shadow of the mysterious ships, but all Alex can see in his future is loneliness and heartache.

When the President calls for the mobilisation of an elite team to counter the alien threat, Alex finds himself back in uniform and fighting alongside the best the world has to offer. Love is the last thing on his mind… but as he finds himself falling for one of his teammates, he starts to wonder if perhaps a broken heart can be mended after all.

Why?: Because I suck at romance, and I hope to get better at it. Plus, the world needs more M/M romance/sci-fi novels.

All images courtesy of generously talented Pixabay artists, and not necessarily indicative of amazing, eye-catching front covers.
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