Leather: Keep it from Mars

Greetings, Earth-peoples, it’s me, Glorken!


Yesterday, I bought The Urban Spaceman a super cool bag for carrying scientific equipment around, and thought I would share with you the item’s baffling care instructions!

1. Leather: Keep it from Mars

But it’s okay to take it to Venus?

2. Cotton fabrics: Not exposure in the sun


3. Knitting, Lace Clothing: Stored separately from different depth color, prevent the shadow color or turning yellow.

But what if it’s already yellow?

4. Fur, leather, etc: Avoid the sun and the rain.

Only use indoors or on dry, cloudy days?

5: White Clothing: Put the clothes separately with other clothes when washing.

A complex enigma!

Maintenance Instructions

Simply complex

Do you Earth-peoples have any other examples of baffling instructions to share?


Mars — hazardous to leather!

3 Comments on “Leather: Keep it from Mars

  1. LOL. I am loving Glorken’s updates, so I hope you plan to feature him on your blog more often. And what exactly did you buy, because that is one of the strangest care tags I’ve seen on any item…I’m seriously baffled at “keep it from Mars”???

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    • Glorken is pleased to hear human beings enjoy his updates. The item in question is just a fairly simple leather bag, but I’m very worried I might accidentally expose it to Mars without realising what Mars truly is. The bag was made in China, so I assume the care instructions came from China, too… but whoever translated them lacked mad translation skillz!

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