#12MoW – March’s Subject

Welcome back to 12 Months of Writing!

I survived February. I feel like I need that on a t-shirt, or a rosette. I successfully (mostly…) wrote a haiku, a drabble, a poem and a flash fiction and got some great constructive feedback (thank you, Anonymole!)

But despite my initial enthusiasm, my heart wasn’t really in it. I’ve been suffering the after-effects of a cold for the past 2 weeks, and bad things are afoot at work. Changes with a capital C, none of which I approve of.

So, naturally, I decided the sensible thing to do is to quit my job, strike out on my own and start up my own business.

Enter panic mode.

Don’t worry, I haven’t done it yet. I’m still waiting to hear about time frames and legalities and such. But most of my energy since mid-February, when not succumbing to a mild seasonal cold like a gigantic baby, has been invested in prepping myself for becoming self employed. All the boring stuff, like working out insurance and service agreements, and all the exciting stuff like designing my website and business cards.

Writing has been kind of an after-thought.

It could be six months before I take the plunge and leave gainful employment for the highs and lows of financial uncertainty. Or it could be six weeks. But until then, I’m going to continue with 12 Months of Writing. Which brings us to our BRAND NEW TOPIC!

Which is………..


Why animals?

There is a saying about March: In like a lion, out like a lamb. And it’s true, at least here, that the period between February and April is normally worse, weather-wise, than December. We often see a lot of storms in March. We normally get our yearly dumping of snow. The March Hares come out and lots of lambs get born and the migratory birds start appearing again.

So I’m dedicating March to our animal friends. Even the cockroaches.

The format will be the same as February. This Friday, a haiku. Next Friday, a drabble. Followed after that by a poem, and finally a flash fiction. I encourage all five of my readers to get involved by writing something of their own.

And if you’d like to support me financially while I slowly transition from Poor to Poorer, please feel free to send food, land deeds, coffee, stocks, shares, items of jewelry, bitcoins or just plain old cash of any currency and any denomination. Nothing will be turned away!

9 Comments on “#12MoW – March’s Subject

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  2. Eeep, you’re a brave soul to leave the safe confines of a steady paycheck for the freedom and independence of self-employment, but I believe in you, TUS! We get one life and no one gets out alive anyway, so you might as well take risks and leave no regrets behind. Why be miserable when there’s a chance at happiness? I wish you the best of luck, patience, and money-savviness as you embark on your new chapter!

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  3. Congratulations on surviving February. It’s a short month, but it makes up for it by being brutal.

    Striking out on your own! Bold and exciting times. This is a brave decision that I admire. I would send coffee your way to help through the tough times, but my rocket is at the mechanic’s. I’ll be here sending you good vibes the whole way.

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