Treasure Trove of the Dearly Departed – Flash Fiction Piece

16 Comments on “Treasure Trove of the Dearly Departed – Flash Fiction Piece

  1. Hmm.. I think my previous comment of prostrate adoration has vanished into thin air… I didn’t get a message of awaiting approval so I’ll give it another try. (Sorry if it does turn out to be a double post.)

    I love this story. I like your protagonist’s voice, he is funny, especially his musings on impending middle-age made me laugh. (which of course says absolutely NOTHING about how I feel on my own impending doom… ehm)
    I thought the way you weaved pertinent details in from the previous story was expertly done, very smooth and not intruding in the story like it can be in sequels.


  2. So, Mr. Spaceman, you do it again. Great sequel! I love your protagonist’s voice, especially his musings on his upcoming middle-age. More, please.
    Oh, and I think you did a great job of weaving in pertinent details from the prequel.


  3. Nice work! I didn’t get a chance to read last week’s, so I came in a little blind, but had no problem picking it up. Interesting how you chose to really highlight three of the four items as major plot devices while leaving the fourth as kind of a descriptive one-off.

    Still, quite enjoyable.


    • Thankyah! Glad you managed to pick up the plot despite not having read last week’s instalment. I did have some small concerns that the story might be inaccessible to new readers, but you’ve put my fears to rest. Many thanks.


  4. Good work, US. Very well written piece. The pacing and flow was natural, and the setting clarified enough that I could picture the action clearly. Enjoyable read.


  5. This was great! I’m so glad you continued with last week’s piece and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Even though I’m humming the Little Mermaid song in my head…did I say that out loud?


  6. Oh, I love this story. I do hope you keep going. So many questions I have!


  7. Wonderful! An excellent addition to last weeks challenge. You worked the items in a great way. I hope you do get a chance next week to give us some more questions to muse over. Two thumbs up, Spaceman!


  8. I think I like this part almost better than the first one. A really great follow up making me wonder more and more about the motivations of the aliens. If they are in fact aliens after all.


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