Jewelled Crown

Adorned with a crown of jewels, she sat regal on her throne, watching the comings and goings of her subjects below. The morning sun rose, glinting off the stately amethyst and sapphire necklace which twinned the crown.

Nearby flower petals, opening to embrace the sun’s touch, beckoned to her with their perfume of sweet nectar. The cold of the long night forgotten, she stretched her wings and hummed a monotonous tune as she hovered in place.

With royal precision, she dipped forward to greet the flower and sip her saccharine breakfast.


A Bird’s-eye View

Every other Sunday I’ll be publishing a drabble about, or from the perspective of, a bird. This week’s bird is the beautiful Hummingbird. I suspect the specimen in the Pixabay picture above is actually a male (the species exhibits sexual dimorphism with the males usually more brightly coloured than females), but I couldn’t get the image of a queen wearing jewels out of my head.

An interesting fact I discovered whilst writing this drabble is that the males of some species perform a ‘courtship dive.’ To paraphrase Wikipedia, the male ascends by ~35 metres before diving down over a female at 27 m/s (equal to 385 body lengths/second) to produce a high-pitched sound. That downward acceleration is the highest reported for any vertebrate undergoing a voluntary aerial manoeuvre, and the speed relative to body length is the highest for any known vertebrate. In comparison, that’s about twice the diving speed of the formidable peregrine falcon whilst pursuing prey.

Hummingbird–1,  Peregrine falcon–0

Peregrine Falcon

And he’s pretty damn upset about it!


11 Comments on “Jewelled Crown

  1. That bird is gorgeous, love that shade of blue on its feathers. I think you picked the perfect photo to go with your drabble, because that bird oozes royalty.

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    • Thanks! The picture definitely makes me want a hummingbird to look at every day. Not sure what I’d actually do with one, beyond the base urge of “me want pretty!”


  2. I think 90% of people would say the Peregrine is the fastest diving bird–if not another raptor. I had no idea the hummingbird could exceed that.


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