Childhood Pranks

Many thanks to The Drabble, for posting my short story of childhood antics with long-lasting repercussions. Follow the link below to check out more excellent drabbles from writers across the interwebs.


By The Urban Spaceman

Two weeks into summer break and bored out of their minds, Tommy and D.J. rode their bikes two miles to the abandoned church in the countryside. They spent three days chiselling the image of a giant penis into an outer wall, and the rest of the summer giggling over their artistic accomplishment.

In 2717, following the aftermath of the Earth-Venus conflict, two anthropologists from Mars University won the prestigious Hawking Prize, and a substantial credit grant, for their discovery of an ancient fertility pilgrimage site and its importance in proving how primitive terrestrial humans were obsessed with phallic worship.

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2 Comments on “Childhood Pranks

  1. Bahahaha, that twist at the end cracked me up. Every now and then, I imagine some futuristic historian researching our society and examining Tumblr like it’s a key to some hidden intellect LOL

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