Fox & Crow – The Dinner Game – #writephoto

Fox came upon a family of crows circling an old oak tree. Head cocked, he barked up to them, “Crows, why are you circling around up there?”

“We’re waiting for our next meal!” the carrion-eaters cawed back.


Farmer sighted down his gun, saw a bushy red tail with a creamy-white tip. Gently, he squeezed the trigger.

The chickens will be safe tonight.


Mama Crow called her fully fledged chicks back down to the branches of the oak. Their work was done, and now they settled in for a long wait.

Later, there would be scraps.



This has been a Fox & Crow story inspired by this #writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent. Check out Sue’s blog for other wing-related stories.

10 Comments on “Fox & Crow – The Dinner Game – #writephoto

  1. Ohhh clever crows. Also really liked the format of this story, it was like reading a children’s book with the photos, albeit a morbid children’s book lol

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  2. I feel sorry for the fox.

    I used to live in the foothills and saw all manner of wildlife behind my house and sometimes in my backyard.

    One such character was a fox, who we dubbed “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” after the Roald Dahl novel. He typically rid the area of pesky mice but once day he got a female duck who lived with her mate in a pond at the bottom of the hill. After that, the male duck wasn’t the same. He was aggressive and out of sorts.

    Mr. Fox has a job to do, but in the end the chickens and ducks are still in danger.

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    • That’s pretty cool, despite Donald being left saddened by the loss of his mate. I’d hate to live in a big city, so far removed from wildlife. That said, I can definitely empathise with the farmer, too. A fox that gets into a chicken coop might kill one for food and the rest for fun. A bit like cats, they will just go for anything that moves.


  3. Friggen smart crows!! Love those birds! They are symbols of evil…but you know that, right? Funny post. BTW, my old post is down and Nanite sex is up! Check it out! Thanks! Keep on blogging and inspiring!!!

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