Human Authors

It’s about damn time I updated this page! Below you will find the blogs or websites of authors I feel are worthy are your attention.


  • Jade M. Wong: Jade is my favourite poetry person. She also writes flash fiction, fan fiction and random stuff!
  • Heartstring Eulogies: Sarah Doughty’s free verse poetry is most excellent.
  • Haiku Horizons: Provides weekly haiku prompts, for all your haiku needs.

Fiction and more

  • Terribleminds: Chuck Wendig writes novels, comics, video games, and common sense.
  • Bloodletters: Michael Montoure is standing right behind you (and writing horror stories!)
  • Article 94: Mark Gardner writes stories and serial blogs. He also reviews things!
  • The Drabble: Publishes daily drabbles submitted by bloggers.
  • Tad Williams: One of my favourite fantasy/sci-fi authors.
  • Terry Pratchett: RIP my favourite author of all time. He built an amazing world and allowed it to be populated by crazy people.
  • Tom Holt: The most Douglas Adams-ish author since Douglas Adams himself. One heck of a sense of humour.

12 Comments on “Human Authors

  1. I love Terry Pratchett’s work! I’m slowly making my way through his many many books. Just finished the Going Postal series. 🙂


    • I’m envious—discovering Pratchett’s work for the first time is an amazing and magical journey you can only take one time in your life (of course, revisiting his work is also a fun trip!). The man was certainly a genius at world-building and satire. 🙂

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        • Guards! Guards! is probably my favourite; I love all of the Guards books, and that one really kicked things off for me (also, I ❤ dragons). Have you managed to claim a favourite yet?

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          • I want to read the Guards books next! So far Going Postal is my favorite, but that could change the more of his books I read. 🙂


            • You… read them out of chronological order? twitch Don’t mind me: there are two schools of thought regarding reading the DW books. One says they’re best read in their ‘groups’ (ie, the Death books, the Guards books, the Moist books) and the other says they’re best read as they were written. There’s merits to both, or you can just go crazy and read them randomly! 😉

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              • Haha, I’m usually a stickler for reading in chronological order, too, but a friend had given me Going Postal and at that time I didn’t know anything about Pratchett or that Going Postal was the last series of his overall DW series. XD

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  2. Oh my gosh! I just saw this page. Thank you for the shoutout, TUS! I’m very touched, and you happen to my favorite intergalactic writer, so the feeling’s mutual 😉

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