Observations of The Urban Spaceman


Hello and welcome. Today’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge, courtesy of cornpunk creator Chuck Wendig, is to click a ‘random title’ link, pick a title that tickles your fancy, and write a flash-fic based on it. Today’s story is the fourth instalment of my abduction trilogy (now a tetralogy, I suppose). I hadn’t intended for the story to last this long, but I have fun writing it, and apparently people have fun reading… Read More

Friday? Check. Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge? Check. Today I used this link to generate the following scenario: The story starts when your protagonist wakes up in the wrong bed. Another character is a pilot who is hiding a body. The result is me using all I’ve ever learnt about Spanish from the TV in a story called… This Abduction’s Bed         I get abducted by aliens.         Most people laugh when I tell… Read More