The Contract – Flash Fiction Challenge

This week’s flash fiction thingy is a continuation of last week’s challenge. I’ve nabbed the first 200 words of Fatma Alici’s story, given it a title, and written the next 200 words. I hope it’s enjoyable!

The beginning:

Another shot glass slammed down as Toops flashed her big, black eyes at me.  “Are you going to black out.”  Her tone as dry as the desert planet we had left.

“I never black out. “  I grinned motioning for another shot.  “I’m only resting my eyes.”

Toops rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.   “Yeah, I believe you, Lancer.  I really do.”  Her scarred fingers pushed her still full glass back and forth across the metal bar top.  “Didn’t you say we have a man coming in to offer us a job?

“You handle all the contracts.  I’m your simple minded muscle.”  I winked at her.  “Me big man.  Me hit things hard.”  The burning fire scalded my throat as I took another shot.

Her hand snapped out faster than my eye could follow.  Those strong fingers crushed mine into my palm.  “Do not call for another shot.  I swear I will break your fingers right now.”

A hearty chuckle rumbled up my throat.  “Alright, alright boss lady.”

My fingers were released.  “We are partners.”

“You say that now, but once the client gets here you’ll change your tune.”  She couldn’t deny it.  It was true.


My continuation:

They strolled into the tavern, a nobleman and his bodyguard. The tough-man’s eyes met mine, and I felt a growl rise in my throat.

“Dammit, Lancer,” Toops hissed quietly at me. “If you change now I swear I’m going to leave your sorry ass in this piss-hole. See how long you last once everyone in this room sees what you truly are.”

The rumble died away in my throat. I knew Toops’ words were not an idle threat. She had much to risk by associating herself with a man… a thing… like me.

“Sorceress?” the noble said quietly, standing in front of Toops’ chair. Sorceress. Her trade name and job description.

She nodded, conjured a tiny fireseed, and rolled it around on her palm before the life flickered out of it. When she gestured to the empty chair, the noble sat but his muscle remained standing.

“I’ve been marked,” he said, little eyes darting nervously around the tavern, seeking assassins in every shadow. “I’ve been told it will happen before the end of the week.”

Toops smiled, and leaned forwards, flames dancing in her eyes.

“I think we can help you,” she said, her smile deepening. “Let’s talk price.”

6 Comments on “The Contract – Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. I’m sorely tempted to pick this up for round three. . . If only because it sounds like the start of a joke: the Ninja Librarian and the Urban Spaceman walked into a bar. . .


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