Happy New Year!

I just realised I missed saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to readers at the start of the new Gregorian Calendar. Which is just as well, since I hate New Year. It’s a stupid holiday full of people paying too much for booze and taxis, clogging my phone-waves up with their silly H4PPY neW Yr text messages which they insist on sending to EVERYBODY they know, and a time of “resolutions” which only last as long as willpower is not undermined by too much alcohol (which it frequently is. I mean, why wait for a New Year to make a change? If it’s that important, change it Now!). Not to mention the ridiculous amount of fireworks which scare my earth-bound pets no end… honestly, the only holidays WORSE than New Year for fireworks are burn-your-effigy-night, Diwali and Eid.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my readers who’re not celebrating some silly Gregorian calendar thing today. I find this particular year quite poignant, having been an avid horse-rider (or equivalent of horses on my home planet) for the past 12 years. I would post a picture of me riding my favourite horse-type beast but it’s a well-known fact that Urban Spacepersons are immune to photography.

PS, pls no fireworks. I totally respect that setting off highly combustible things are customary, but they worry my animals terribly. Plus, have you ever tried horse riding whilst there’s fireworks going off around you? I frequently ride Arab-crosses, and I can assure you, it’s no fun at all, with the booming and the highly-strung-ness.

Anyhoo, rant over, and I hope everybody celebrating tonight has a good (and safe) night!



One Comment on “Happy New Year!

  1. Totally with you about the explosions. I don’t even have animals but they annoy me.


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