Life On Earth (above Earth)

(or, Baby Things Are SO CUTE!)


My attempts to cultivate Earth life upon my spaceship are met with mixed success. I seem to be quite terrible at keeping plants alive (unless they’re cacti, or housed within the confines of a terrarium…)

terraruyn 1

These plants are in a terrarium, and therefore safe from me.

…yet at other times, life proliferates when I least expect it. These cute little guys are newly hatched baby angelfish. Mother and Father are doing well, and are very protective of their offspring despite being first-time parents. Thus, today I learnt that out of my four angelfish, I have at least one of each gender. And the other fish in the tank learnt that although generally quite congenial, a breeding pair of angels is very territorial.

I don’t have high hopes of these fry surviving, as it’s a community tank with a fast-flowing filter and I don’t have another tank I could transfer them to (or rather, I do, but it’s in one of the storage bays, unprepared, with no equipment, and trying to remove them from the aquarium glass would kill them anyway) but maybe I’ll be surprised again.

baby fis 2

So small, but so cute!

baby fish 1

Please ignore the algae. That’s, umm, part of another experiment. Also my snails like to snack on it.

So glad I asked the pet shop guy for angelfish, and not rabbits.

To round off this cute-fest, have a snail. No babies yet, but tentacles crossed!


Cute to the power of ∞ (and beyond)

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