Give me your words

I love words. As a reader I love to read them, and as a writer I love to write them. I enjoy finding new ways of saying things. New turns of phrase, new methods of describing things… and new (or uncommon) words which might not make it into every-day vocabulary.

I want to know what words you like to use, and why. Throw them into the comments section. Your favourite words, a brief overview of what they mean (if you deem it necessary) and why you like using them so much.

I need my daily word fix!

7 Comments on “Give me your words

  1. There is probably a lot of words I use from day to day that are odd. Most of that is due to the randomly thrown in Turkish.

    There is a turn of phrase I use all the time that a my friend who moved out of country used all the time “I smell what your stepping in.” As in I get what your saying.

    I use douchetool frome time to time, being the combination of the worst things a human can be.

    Recently, someone pointed out that I use OP, which is from my old mmorpg raiding days, meaning over powered, along uber, and epic fail.

    magifantastical, I throw out when a fantasy universe is little over the top, getting a bit crazy even more fantasy.

    That’s what I can think of, at the moment.


    • I like magifantastical… I think I’ve even read a book or two which could be described like that! Wheel of Time started to get a big magifantastical, towards the end.

      *still hasn’t read the last book*


  2. Why hello there, fellow collector of words. Don’t mind if I share some of my own!

    1) librocubicularist – person who reads in bed

    2) komorebi – a japanese word meaning the sunshine filtering through the leaves of at tree

    3) eunoia – beautiful thinking; a well mind


      • Haha! I knew you weren’t going to let me be all slick and slip by without mentioning “plop”! What about you? What are a few of your favorite words? I offered a few for your collection, it’s only fair you offer a few back 😉


        • Oh god, I suck at “pick your favourite thing” 😦

          I like words which save me having to type out more words, and words which conjure, in my mind, evocative images.

          So for example, I like “myriad” to describe a large number (or variety) of things — and also because you can ALMOST make a pyramid out of it 😉

          Evocative images I like are along the lines of “coalesce” (dunno why, but I always get a mental image of two galaxies swirling together when I think of that word) and “symphony” to describe a lot of noise, particularly nature noise, and “maelstrom” which makes me think of chaos and gives a sense of no control.

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          • oooh you picked some great words to share. There is something quite satisfying about the way myriad looks and sounds. That’s got to be my favorite of the ones you shared.


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