Observations of The Urban Spaceman


I love words. As a reader I love to read them, and as a writer I love to write them. I enjoy finding new ways of saying things. New turns of phrase, new methods of describing things… and new (or uncommon) words which might not make it into every-day vocabulary. I want to know what words you like to use, and why. Throw them into the comments section. Your favourite words, a… Read More

Another flash-fiction piece for Mr Chuck Wendig’s latest challenge. From Beyond The Veil It was a dark, stormy night. Naturally. It was the sort of night when people bolted their doors and pulled down the storm shutters over their windows. When woollen blankets, that smelt of mothballs and grandma, came out of storage and were wrapped around shoulders, held closed around shivering bodies by chilled hands. The wind had a way of… Read More