Message to the Critical

The messages from the Earth came in thick and fast over my spaceship’s communications dish.

“You’re too fat to be a model,” they said to the young woman with a healthy BMI.

“He’s too stupid to learn,” they told the parents of the dyslexic boy.

“You’re not white enough to be in movies,” they remarked to the struggling black actor.

“You’re too sinful for church,” they opined to the gay couple.

“You’re too disabled for baseball,” they told the amputee veteran.

“That dress makes you look big,” they laughed at their larger friend.

“You’re too old to go back to school!” they told the Grandpa who’d sacrificed for them.

“Your ideas aren’t interesting enough to be published,” the said to the dedicated writer.

I shook my head and prepared a new message to send to the Earth. Short and simple, the message simply said:

Believe in yourself.

I pressed ‘send.’


Sometimes it’s easy to Criticize, and even easier to let that criticism bring you down.

2 Comments on “Message to the Critical

  1. I don’t think I have the words to express how powerful your post was. Despite how simple it is, it packs a message that really needs to be repeated, and I thank you, TUS, for reminding me today ❤


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