First Time

His fingers brushed down the inside of my bare thigh, a touch both sensual and teasing. I felt it most in my spine, a shock of something like static that made every cell in my body come alive, tingling inside me right down to my toes. A sharp intake of breath caught in my throat; he noticed, his lips curling at the corners into a coy, Mona Lisa smile

God, he was beautiful!

Could men be beautiful?

My fingers trembled as I reached out to sweep back a dark curl of hair from his deep brown eyes. As I toyed with the stray lock, he brushed his fingers upwards, reversing their downward sojourn, grinning mischievously at my unexpected gasp.

Leaning forward, he brought his parted lips to my ear, his breath burning hot against the cool skin of my cheek. “I meant to ask before… is this your first time?”

I shook my head as my cheeks burned for a new reason. “I’ve been with girls.”

 Delight lit up his eyes. “Then it is your first time.” Leaning forward again as his fingers quested across my thigh once more, he pressed the lobe of my ear gently between his teeth, and my trembling started anew.

“Will you be gentle with me?” Even to my own ears, my voice was a half-terrified whisper. A self-recrimination immediately bubbled within me. Coward.

He shared that beautiful smile with me again. The smile that’d wrapped a strong, gentle hand around my heart and led it straight on to an unstoppable roller coaster ride.

“I’ll do better than that.” His lips sought mine, drawing out a long, slow kiss before he let me pull away to catch an elusive breath. “I’ll teach you how to be gentle with me.”

The Urban Spaceman isn’t a hopeless romantic, but is hopeless at writing romance. As far as improvement is concerned, it’s a case of “I’ll take any practise I can get!”

Today’s practise at How To Be A Better Romance Writer was prompted by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Tremble.

2 Comments on “First Time

  1. Ohhh, THIS right here is how intimate scenes should be written! Loved the sensuality of your descriptions. I think you should give yourself more credit with your romance writing skills, TUS! 🙂


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