Empty #writephoto

We dug into the ground with pick and axe, iron and steel biting into rich earth. We delved for everything which sparkled and shone. From the ground we tore everything precious, and some things which were not.

Then we dug into ourselves. We pulled out our sparklies and shinies, the jewels of our hearts and minds, and we wore them on our sleeves and around our necks. We wore them so that others could see and admire our beauty.

We ruined the Earth. Nothing would grow. As for our hearts and minds? As barren as the infertile fields we tilled.


This little story is something I wrote a week or so ago, when my muse offered me a random taste of inspiration. I was going to hold on to it until I found a reason to post it, and that reason has now materialised in the form of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. If you’ve enjoyed this story, please check out some of the other submissions on Sue’s blog!

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