Write Stuff, Win Stuff

A chap who likes writing (and waffles) is running a competition for people who also like to write (though I believe waffles may be optional).

The premise? Write 200 words of anything except play, screenplay or poetry. Post in the comments over there, and wait for some fellow human beings to judge your worth. Should you be deemed SUPER worthy, you’ll win some stuff plus bragging rights. You could also put your achievement on  your CV/resumé or college application forms, I guess.

You can see my entry here, and if some of the details are ringing bells in your noggin, it’s because I also wrote a little flash fic set in this fairy realm (which is from my WIP, Shatterstone).

Now you should go and make words happen. Huzzah for words!

(P.S. Did you check out my previous post on de-cluttering your inbox? Because this is my second blog post today. Gasp! If your inbox feels claustrophobic, go read what I wrote earlier.)

4 Comments on “Write Stuff, Win Stuff

  1. You know about the Sully Award Competition too?? I only recently discovered Mike’s blog and couldn’t follow him fast enough. Good luck with the competition! I’ll be entering something too. May the best spaceman/writer human win 😀


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