The Device

Humble Swagger


The young inventor sat with the device in his lap, lost in deep contemplation.  A single burst and the tree had disintegrated.  He stared at the dirt, then up at the scattered wooden innards that flashed against the dark ground.  His mind raced with visions of scaled versions of the device.  Large mobile units operating together as a mechanized army capable of clearing an entire forest in seconds. 

He turned the barrel towards himself.  Save the world from his ideas?

History filled his mind.  He could see the giant cloud billowing up into the atmosphere. 

He blinked. 

An Oppenheimer moment.

Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo prompt ©

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4 Comments on “The Device

  1. Something tells me Oppenheimer wasn’t morally conflicted about his creation, at least to this degree, but it’s an interesting thought. Sort of like how the Terminator’s revelation to Miles Dyson in the 2nd Terminator movie affected him.


  2. Since you “vacation…” your writing is incredible. I love this one. Less words, more impact! A lot more impact…just don’t point it at me….lol!

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