Pablo [Flash Fiction]

When a man loves something with all his heart, he lives it, and it consumes him. Every night after unloading his catch, Pablo retreated to the dockside bar to discuss his trade: The rocking dance of the waves as the morning sun kissed their foamy crests; the tang of the salt-laden wind caressing his cheek; the fish that fought hardest—and the one that got away.

Then, Pablo met the woman who did not want to be a fisherman’s wife. So, he sold his  trawler, toiled in the dead air of the diamond mines, and fishing consumed him no more.

Word count: 100

This story of loss and heartache was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. The photo is © JS Brand.  Click the frog below to read more 100-word stories!


By the by, if your blog is hosted on Blogger/Blogspot, I won’t be able to comment on your story. Blogspot/Blogger just sends me on an indefinite loop of proving I’m not a robot whenever I try to comment on their hosted sites.

25 Comments on “Pablo [Flash Fiction]

  1. Dear Spaceman,

    I hope this comment shows up. Or you might just end up with two in your spam folder. At any rate, I repeat, it’s a pity Pablo didn’t meet a woman who could love him for what he is and what he loves. Good story at any rate. Vivid descriptions.



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  2. and this makes you wonder – which truly was his true love. interesting twist to the tale and a fun read.

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