Observations of The Urban Spaceman


I went there to disappear, but she found me nonetheless. She sat down at my table, directly opposite me, and just watched me with those big, brown eyes as I swilled the drink around my glass. Courteous, she waited until I’d downed my whisky before hitting me with her words. “We need your help.”

I recently found myself with an hour or two of spare time, and decided to not only partake in Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge, but also to continue my story from last week. In a very “OMG, what did you do to my fairytale/fable?!?!?” way. In 1991 words, too, which is a whole 9 words less than the word allowance! Back by popular (?) demand, is Detective Roxanne Hood, on the… Read More

I haven’t been around much recently, and that probably won’t change for the next couple of months, but today’s Flash Fiction Challenge, courtesy of Chuck Wendig, was short enough that I thought I could cobble something together that other people may wish to use next week. Might not be around to continue taking part myself… but we’ll see! Joe’s Bar         “Buy me a drink,” he said, bloodshot eyes meeting mine from further… Read More