Observations of The Urban Spaceman


    The fire raged hotter; its flames, they grew Consuming plant life old and new The birds all flew, and beasts—they ran a deadly race since time began No water tamed the searing flames Reduced were forests, to bare plains Such mighty giants brought to their knees Above the slumbering redwood seeds. .   My take on today’s daily WordPress blog prompt: Devastation Picture is © Olearys under CC by 2.0

When I was eight, I found a beautiful flower peeping shyly out from a crack in the concrete. Granddad told me, that Great Grandpa told him, that before The Cataclysm, flowers used to grow everywhere. They grew tame in Gar-Dens and wild in great fields called Maid-O’s. They filled the world with a wonderful miasma of perfume, their hues and shades too many and varied to name. A blanket of colour upon a carpet of green,… Read More

He watches me from over the barred iron gate as I make my way to work each morning. I can tell by the shape and thickness of his arms, as he flexes them for me to see, that he works out. An exhibitionist, he waits to greet me on my walk back home, too. He flexes, and I smile. Each time I see him I can’t help but wonder: will I ever posses such strength… Read More