Observations of The Urban Spaceman


The small convoy rolled up to the foot of Gunslinger Ridge as the stars winked their way across the darkening sky. A half-dozen cars and trucks were already parked haphazardly among the scrub.

This week, Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge revolved around the mythological Phoenix. My entry for this week’s challenge links my story from 2 weeks ago, The Man Behind The Mask, to my last week’s story, Scarlett’s Worlds. I hadn’t originally intended for these stories to be linked, but the Phoenix prompt gives me a natural line of progression (and helps me avoid what otherwise would have been a story about Marvel’s guardian… Read More

Today’s flash fiction challenge, courtesy of Chuck “He Of The Luxurious Beardedness” Wendig, was… interesting. Use a RNG to combine two words into a title. The two words I RNG’d were “Scarlett” and “World.” Two weeks ago, I wrote a flash-fic about death. This week, I did more of the same. This story may be difficult to read if you’ve ever suffered domestic abuse. Consider this fair warning, and continue at your… Read More