Observations of The Urban Spaceman


The siren swam beneath the sea,
singing her song without a care,
for under wave her life was free—
her life was free, but cold and bare.

David Gander watched from above as his relatives gathered around his death-bed for the third time in a week.

Gone is the freshness of warm summer rain,
Gone are the words which brought me to shame.
Gone are the birds, aloft in the sky,
Gone are the flowers, which in fields lie.

Her painted face lies No movement to betray thought The ground accepts her

Bright flash of blue light Siren wails into the night Another life lost Image is © Geralt

On Fridays, Chuck Wendig takes a moment out of his busy schedule of writing, parenting and defying time itself, to distract his many fans with a Flash Fiction challenge. This week’s challenge is to write something that scares you. This isn’t an easy one for me. The usual phobias (rats, mice, snakes, bugs, heights, depths, open spaces, small spaces, clowns, ventriloquist dolls, the Dread Lord Cthulhu) don’t apply (though I’m not fond… Read More

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