Evolutionary Studies

High Commander,

It seems the humans of Earth are almost as interested in the subject of evolution as we are. Of course, being simple life-forms, they have a lot of hilarious misconceptions about the subject, but overall they are on the right track.

For the past few weeks I have been monitoring an evolutionary program called “BoxCar2D”, which is designed to study evolution through a mechanism they term, “survival of the fittest.”

This program is quite extraordinary. Not because of what it does, of course; the premise is rather simple and the results often predictable. No, this program is extraordinary because it seems to bend the laws of space-time whilst being observed. I started watching this particular generation of 2D boxcars four days ago, and it wasn’t until one of my ship’s proximity sensors alerted me to a nearby orbital bucket of bolts the humans term “space station” that I realised how long I had been sitting watching this thing.

For your entertainment and scientific perusal, the “box car” program can be found here: http://boxcar2d.com/

Should this signal not reach you intact, please adjust your quantum communicator by 0.2 microns off the horizontal plane. This should allow you to witness the BoxCar program in real-time.

End report.

-Mr Urban Spaceman


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