A Simple Crown


He plucked a flower from the meadow

and wound it through my hair.

He made a crown for me, his queen,

each flower woven there.

When he left, he took my crown;

he told me, “Luck it brings,”

My heart lives in that meadow still,

now this queen has lost her king.


Today’s daily WordPress prompt is Simple. And thanks to Jade M. Wong, I’m feeling a little romantic. But also bittersweet, and I still can’t seem to get out of the habit of killing off all my characters’ love-interests.

It’s a work in progress.

5 Comments on “A Simple Crown

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  2. My heart…my poor heart…I was expecting a happy romance, silly me. However, I love the poem. It flows so beautifully and lyrically, and the emotion you evoke in the poem is this perfect blend of sweet romance and grief. It’s superb, TUS.


    • Cheers, Jade! And clearly, your poems are having a bad influence on me. >:[ Space-people generally do not make crowns out of flowers. We prefer the delicate metacarpal bones of our enemies for crown-building. But flowers are pretty nice, too. I’ll definitely be including it in my next report to the homeworld.

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