Observations of The Urban Spaceman


Set against a backdrop of ominously grey sky, Neuschwanstein loomed over the the lonely forest. It presided, dominated, menaced and threatened. The synonyms tumbled through Clara’s mind as she stood staring agape at the eerie, fairytalesque castle—and if fairytalesque wasn’t a word before, it damn well was now!

“I don’t date people I work with,” she said. “It’s too awkward when it ends.”

The chair shook as the train lurched to a slow halt. Tina, who’d been dozing as the scenery blurred by, was jolted rudely awake.


His fingers brushed down my bare thigh, a touch both sensual and teasing. I felt it most in my spine…

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the email arrive in my inbox. Those magical words unfurled before my eyes. Flash Fiction Challenge. Another Friday, another challenge. I clicked on the email. Drummed my fingers on the desk while I waited for my antiquated work PC to cope with the strenuous task of displaying a bunch of text in a browser. God, I hate my work PC. And yes, there it was!… Read More

  He plucked a flower from the meadow and wound it through my hair. He made a crown for me, his queen, each flower woven there. When he left, he took my crown; he told me, “Luck it brings,” My heart lives in that meadow still, now this queen has lost her king. . Today’s daily WordPress prompt is Simple. And thanks to Jade M. Wong, I’m feeling a little romantic. But… Read More