Let’s talk about Drabbles

I like to think of drabble as the baby brother (or sister) of flash fiction. Where a flash fiction may run from a few hundred to a couple of thousand words, a drabble offers a more concise style of telling a story: 100 words or less.

“But it’s not possible to tell a story in a hundred words!”

It is. In fact, it’s possible to tell it in less. But a hundred is a nice round number to work to.

The Drabble has a very informative post about the art of drabbling here. There is something very satisfying about writing concisely to a small word limit, especially when others enjoy reading what you’ve written.

If you’re a drabble reader and not already following The Drabble, what are you waiting for?! If you write drabbles, then you might like to offer one for submission, to widen your audience and share your work.

You can read one of my own drabbles accepted for publishing at The Drabble here.

And for my favourite pick of drabbles I’ve read so far, check out Empty Vessels.

Got a drabble you’d like read? Stick a link in the comments below and I’ll take a look!

8 Comments on “Let’s talk about Drabbles

  1. I like drabbles, and I’ve written a few, but I’ve yet to write one that I really like. To date, my shortest story that I’m proud of is 150 words. Even the SYW critters agreed it was better in its longer form, even after we had a go at cutting it. shrugs


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  3. I recently discovered and submitted a drabble to the site myself! I went over and checked your drabble. Loved the vividness of that scene. Here’s to more drabbles in both our futures 🙂

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