Observations of The Urban Spaceman


To try and give myself some structure and get back into the swing of writing, I’m going to get myself a pair of training wheels. And a safety helmet. Maybe one of those big bubbles to travel around in. And to do this, I’m going to give myself a type of structure to adhere to over the next twelve months. I dub this dubious challenge:

12 Months of Writing

I like to think of drabble as the baby brother (or sister) of flash fiction. Where a flash fiction may run from a few hundred to a couple of thousand words, a drabble offers a more concise style of telling a story: 100 words or less.

A chap who likes writing (and waffles) is running a competition for people who also like to write (though I believe waffles may be optional).

Today, one of my favourite bloggers, Inkbiotic, invited readers to answer some personal questions. I’m going to answer the questions here, then ask my own readers to answer the questions, who in turn should ask their readers for answers. It would be great to hear from new bloggers as well as oldies! If you are a blogger, how would you describe what you write about? Are there specific themes you stick to or a style… Read More