Observations of The Urban Spaceman


My heart skipped a beat when I saw the email arrive in my inbox. Those magical words unfurled before my eyes. Flash Fiction Challenge. Another Friday, another challenge. I clicked on the email. Drummed my fingers on the desk while I waited for my antiquated work PC to cope with the strenuous task of displaying a bunch of text in a browser. God, I hate my work PC. And yes, there it was!… Read More

Today is Thursday Friday, which means it’s surely time for another of Chuck Wendig’s attempts to break his web server by having his many loyal fans flood it with their responses to his challenges! The challenge for today is right up my wormhole. I’ve been experimenting more with shorter flash fiction in an attempt to curb my tendency to ramble (the result is a serial of short stories found here) and Chuck now… Read More

It was our weekly routine. A ceremony practised every Friday at 4.30pm. We’d stand at the bus stop, me in my Armani suit, shoulders hunched against the rain, him in his tweed trousers and flat cap, ambivalent about the weather. He’d nod his head at me, and give me a gap-toothed smile from that ancient, craggy face. “Friday again,” he’d say. “Thank God,” I would grin. “Out for a night on the… Read More