Observations of The Urban Spaceman


Three days without sleep was the least of my worries. The three dead bodies on the floor? They were a worry. The three cops who bust into the apartment and found me ankle deep in said bodies? Considerably higher up my list of concerns.

Gone is the freshness of warm summer rain,
Gone are the words which brought me to shame.
Gone are the birds, aloft in the sky,
Gone are the flowers, which in fields lie.

“Are we doing the right thing?” Fran’s voice quavered around the laboratory. “He’s been gone for so long. What if we can’t bring him back? What if something goes wrong? So much has changed since he was last awake—”

It took forever to create the universe.

  Adam yawned, lifted his arms out to the sides of his body and felt the pull of his muscles in a pleasant stretch. The sun’s heat warmed him and draped a veil of sleepiness over his mind. He resisted the sandman’s lure; there would be time for sleep later. Right now, he had a job to do.