Observations of The Urban Spaceman


The chair shook as the train lurched to a slow halt. Tina, who’d been dozing as the scenery blurred by, was jolted rudely awake.

“I’m getting real fed up of his showboating,” said Angel.


His fingers brushed down my bare thigh, a touch both sensual and teasing. I felt it most in my spine…

    When I was young I found, buried beneath the last century’s ash and dust, a book about the end of the world. Written before the The Cataclysm, it told of how invaders came in gargantuan ships, raining down laser death upon wings of steel. There were dogfights in the sky, great heroics on the ground, and always the altruistic and fearless to lead the way. Humanity went out in a fierce blaze of… Read More

  You killed me. Why? Was it because of that time I passed you in the hallway without returning your smile? Was it because I argued with you in the last big meeting? Because I couldn’t see it your way? Because I questioned you, challenged you, made you feel threatened or unappreciated? Was it because I snubbed you at the party that one time? Because I forgot your name after I’d had… Read More

Chuck Wendig sets challenges via his blog. Sometimes, people take up those challenges. Today, I did just that. Admittedly, I went over the word limit, but I think this is the first time I’ve done that. I won’t tell you what objects I picked to go into my story; I’m sure you’ll be able to pick them out after taking a peek at Chuck’s blog. The Blue Stone           A great beast… Read More

Friday is my favourite day of the week. End of the working week, start of the weekend, and a chance to write a piece of flash fiction without having to come up with my own topic! Yes, it’s time for another of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges. This week’s challenge involved using an RNG (in lieu of a d10/d20) to pick some stuff from some lists. What I came away with was:… Read More

It’s Friday Sunday and time for another Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge! This week’s topic: Bad Dads. Not something I have experience with, so a little outside my regular zone, but I would just like to add, for any Marvel employees reading this, it is totally a work of my own creation and absolutely not inspired in any way by any psychotic anti-hero origin stories. Please don’t sue me. Her Dying Wish… Read More

Another Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge! I must admit, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the last one. I struggled to think of anything to write for any of the titles. This is my final product, not quite up to my usual standard.   Grave Deeds How far will a sane man go to die?         It was a question I asked myself as I crawled prone through the narrow dirt… Read More